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June 15, 2012

Juicy prints

SALES, June 15 – All those juicy art prints I had on tour are now online, at my store. If each of you buys just one print this weekend, I’ll have enough money to rent a Porsche Panamera S for most of next week. Isn’t that how you’d like to think of me, whipping down the PCH in an awesome car instead of hunched over my computer in Pomona???

Also, an interesting review of my book went online this week. It’s written by Jan Galligan, an Albany, NY artist I’ve known for thirty-eight years. A portrait of me and Jan’s son from 1981 hangs above my dresser today (it’s visible in the 2nd photo in my Fader piece). In 1985, I sold Jan a lifetime subscription to my fanzines (although not, as his review states, my complete works). It’s refreshing to read press with this kind of perspective. Probably not something I’ll get used to.

April 4, 2012

Prints For Sale

THE ROAD, April 4 – I’m selling art prints on my book tour. Only on the book tour. The good news is I am touring everywhere. Seriously, check out the LIVE page. This thing goes on and on and on. I’ll be reading this book, at some point, very near your house.

There are 264 days to Christmas, meaning almost definitely even less days until a loved one’s birthday. If you absolutely have to work the night I’m in your city, surely you will know someone who is going and to whom you can slip a $20 bill to grab you one.

What’s that? You think you just saw a typo? No, you read right. $20. These are signed, full color, editions of 100. I must be out of my mind. Come and get them.

“Fuck This Forest!”

“I’m Alive!”


“Real Goddamn Classy!”