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August 7, 2013

1989 Pt. XXVI

Episode 6 of The Organist—the podcast produced by KCRW and The Believer—is now online, and includes a bit I did about robbing a record store in 1989. It’s sort of a companion or maybe a prequel to the thing I wrote in Apology Magazine about living in the YMCA in late ’89. It’s a good piece, even if I’m not happy with my own delivery. Reading in front of a mic is goddamn hard. You try it.

1989 was a weird year in my life. Since much of this weirdness involved the music scene in New York, I’ve never really figured out a good way to write about it. Every time I try, I get grossed out on the nostalgia factor and give up. But inevitably I remember those rare music pieces that transcend nostalgia—Brendan Mullen’s Darby Crash profile, ANP Quarterly’s look at LA punk gangs, the untold account of NYC’s skinhead-Puerto Rican wars that somebody (not me) needs to write—and I realize I’m just being lazy. Maybe I’ll tackle the year in tiny increments, like this piece.

April 16, 2012

The Goatee Leg

GEORGIA, April 16 – Creative Loafing, the Atlanta weekly paper, just ran an interview with me. I’ve been trying hard to control my use of the phrases “you know” and “I mean”, and I scored decently in both categories here. If you live in Atlanta, I’ll be reading at Criminal Records at 6, and then doing a spoken set & reading at Gato Bizco at 8. Directions are on my LIVE page.

It’s weird being in the south again. In Chattanooga last night, walking back to the rental car and peering into the dark vegetation by the side of the road, I got that spooky southern feeling. I lived in Virginia during five rough years, so I have some bad associations with what is actually a very nice part of America.

When I woke this morning, I had a lush, full goatee. This is also something that happens when I’m in the south. The weather was nice, so we stepped outside our motel and did a quick photo session to document this leg of the trip:

(Photos by John Michaels)

April 14, 2012

Stacks Chat

KENTUCKY, April 14 – This is today:

Also, The Fader just ran a video interview with me, shot in the stacks at St. Marks Books two weeks ago. It’s a good interview, but let’s be clear: I look much, much better than this in person.

April 10, 2012

Rotten Meat

OHIO, April 10 – I’ll be reading at Cleveland’s Rotten Meat Gallery tonight at 7PM.

And I’ll be talking on the webcast WRUW from 12:30 AM to 2 AM EST.

March 29, 2012

Telephone Mitigation

THE INTERNET, March 29 – My essay on my first book, Travelers’ Tales, is now online, at The Fader. This is my first stab at detailing one of several odd chapters from my childhood. I’m grateful that such a large, respectable magazine gave me the space to tell the story in my own words. After my mild hosing at the hands of the SF Chronicle 3 years ago, I’ve had a hard time trusting mainstream media outlets. Even with my very pleasant, two-thumbs-up experience with The Fader, I still feel a slight undertone of suspicion in my press dealings. It’s very easy for other writers to project their own neuroses onto their subject (as I did myself, years ago).

I’m going to be getting more press soon, so there will be more of a risk of this happening from here on out. With the rise of aggregator news sites, the Internet’s endless game of telephone has mutated exponentially. Just in the last few days, mediabistro falsely reported that my and Jesse Pearson’s new magazine will forsake the iPad (a crucial detail for any new magazine), and The Daily Swarm transformed Travelers’ Tales into my “sorta-embarrassing first novel”. In the past, I’ve enjoyed letting rumors and distortions grow on their own. Now I have to vigilantly swat down falsehoods.

Of course, lots of people have it far worse than me. Just this week, fans of “The Hunger Games” tweeted their beefs that several of the book’s beloved characters turned out black. It was a weird convergence of racism and reading comprehension failure on a massive scale. In 3 days, the entire mess will be lost in the ether. That’s the way all this stuff works. I get that.